Jonava Justinas Vareikis Progymnasium provides pre-primary, primary and the 1st part of lower secondary education.


Jonava Justinas Vareikis Progymnasium

Address: 138 Chemikai Street , LT-55217, Jonava

Tel/Fax: +370 349 65074

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Jonava Justinas Vareikis Progymnasium is a modern, continually learning community, open for positive changes, creating a safe and motivating learning environment, which members achieve the personal growth. 


Mission of  Progymnasium

To implement a qualitative and consistent pre-primary, primary and the 1st part of lower secondary education programme, to promote students‘ self-expression in safe surroundings, to form universal values, to help in getting neccessary competencies for successful life. 



“Progress is not an accident, but a necessity.“ (Herbert Spencer) 



  • Responsibility
  • Honour
  • Honesty
  • Safety   

 Stategical goals and objectives for 2017-2021 


1. Aim: To improve the quality of teaching and learning.


1.1   To develop specific and general competences.

1.2   To achieve the personal progress of each student.

1.3   To create a dynamic, open and functional environment for education and learning. 

2. Aim: To uphold a unique school culture. 


2.1. To mobilize the school community for changes.

2.2. To improve progymnasium atmosphere.

2.3  To develop progymnasium community and social partnership.