Jonava Justinas Vareikis Progymnasium provides pre-primary, primary and the 1st part of lower secondary education.


Jonava Justinas Vareikis Progymnasium

Address: 138 Chemikai Street , LT-55217, Jonava

Tel/Fax: +370 349 65074

E-mail: Šis el. pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlių. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.



Jonava Justinas Vareikis Pro-Gymnasium is open for positive changes and innovations, eager to create a safe and motivating environment for studies and helps to sophisticate a creative and responsible personality.



To implement a qualitative and consistent pre-primary, primary and 1st part of lower secondary education programme, to promote school community members’  personal growth and creative integration in constantly changing society.



“I grow up to learn, I learn to grow up.“ (Gintaras Ignatavičius) 



  • Responsibility

  • Broad-mindedness

  • Creativity

  • Citizenship

  • Safety


 Stategical goals and objectives for 2022-2026 

1. Aim: To reach a flexible and high-quality educational process.


1.1. to pursue professional excellence by strengthening leadership and promoting responsibility;

1.2. to educate a creative, civically engaged student who creates his own future perspectives and is able to evaluate his personal growth;

1.3. to create a safe and modern, motivating learning environment.

2. Aim: To uphold a unique school culture. 


2.1. to improve the social and emotional microclimate of the progymnasium community;

2.2. to maintain existing and create unique traditions of the school community;

2.3  to strengthen full cooperation by creating an open to change  Pro-gymnasium.